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"I think life is too short and goes way too fast. And if you're a painter, you have to paint."       

- Vincent van Gogh

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The mosaic is gaining in importance again in the arts and crafts sector. The artistic mosaic of free designs stands out from the arbitrariness of modern serial production. As wall mosaic, als well as flooring, in the living rooms, as in the kitchen and particularly in the pathroom, or in the garden designer.

Sculptures, extraordinary objects gives the space its own character with reminiscences to the ancient world. No design element gives the cultured home more individuality and class than a mosaic. The noble marble and its natural colors reflect the centuries-old traditions of Arabia, Greece and Italy. The power of authenticity lies in handmade mosaic pictures and borders. They are genuine, unique - unmistakable unique pieces. We also cooperate with experienced artists from abroad. They are also happy to improve their quality of life with our orders and they bring us with their skills beautiful, classic objects.

Welcome to your virtual visit to our website and we look forward to presenting you our portal with all its offers.

"A good footballer is forgotten when he finishes his career. An artist is not. Art continues to live, it tells our story and gives our territory an identity." These words are from Jon Bahl, who has been an industrious art collector and consumer of art for his whole life.




You love the special? Let yourself be inspired by our ideas. Here meet culture, experience, vision and a lot of ideas and the desire for the original. If you believe the words of Oskar Wild, art is the only serious thing in the world, but the artist is the one who is never serious. Already only from this quotation one sees the contradictions which hide in the art. Art in itself is subjective in its definition. Art is what you see as a work of art. In the words of Wassily Kandinsky : Art is a complicated phenomenon, which nobody can really interpret and is dependent on countless emotions, yet she has always enjoyed society vor hundreds and thousands of years and certainly still many thousands of years. In the harmonious cooperation of a tailer-made infrastructure, a varied, sensibly choice in offers we have put together for you.

We offer rare or unusual objects, both modern and classic.  Contrasts create light. Light is food for the soul. An informal style leaves space for experimentation, the freedom to combine different epochs and materials as you wish. This opens up unimaginable possibilities in design. There are many timeless works - even classics - that fit into almost every furnishing concept, because they act in themselves as a sculpture or a work of art. This creates a very individual charm, is today, in the age of perfection, particularly appreciated and imitated again and again.

Just be careful: Versailles may be transplanted to Zurich, but not to a concrete high-rise building of the 1970s. The rooms bind us.


Let yourself be inspired by our ideas.

The world is faster and more hectic than ever bevor. Things that are up to date today, are considered to be outdated tomorrow. However, in spite of all change which touches many areas of our everyday life, there are also the things which are continual. So let people for centuries himself, loved people or pets by artist on paper or canvas to paint. Beauty and longing, constancy and transience, love and closeness - a drawing is more than just a photo, it has an intimacy and vitality that gives it a very special and valuable expression.


Or have you considered in the wlak by an exhibition alredy one that one of the pieces of art could also hang at your home? Though for van Gogh  the money will not be enough for the most, but a copy, which is hardly to be distinguished from the original, is absolutely payable.

We are at your disposal with our creative ideas.

On our paths, we always meet exceptional people, breathtaking talents and lots of creativity - despite or just because of their difficult living conditions. Be it drawings, paintings, or other works - what comes out of it, are real works of art with a soul - and a very special story. Visual artists have a structurally justified problem of ingestion, like other art parcels also. Because an artist can not live from selling has nothing to do with the fact, that his art is bad.

Schrill-art has set itself the goal of supporting and promoting high-quality, but little-known painters and artist of all disciplines, while at the same time making affordable art accessible to the general public. We work together with artists and take up new artists if their approach and works fit our consept.

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