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.... and so has everything started. The picture with my mother and me as a baby is now in the National Museum in Budapest. I was born on 25th October 1953 in Budapest where I was allowed to grow up in a family of artist. I was raised by my grandparents. My grandfather Làszlo Bencze (1907-1992)  was an art painter and teacher at the College of Fine Arts in Budapest, my grandmother wrote wonderful poetry. Already in my childhodd I sat for hours with pen or brush and paper and painted in my room, dreaming of a beautiful, harmonious world in which I was very happy.

schrill-art is a company dedicated to a demanding and enthusiastic and enthusiastic cliente of everything that is unusualand different. Every day we commit ourselves passionately to finding thinks, that make our lives different and original. Quoting Woody Allen about the secret of success: "Be different than the others".


Art, insofar as it comes from the interior, is truth and honesty, there is no compromise in it, it knows no limits or alternatives.

My goal is to promote artists and make affordable art available with high professional competence.

In cartoons, most artists choose a subtle, often satirical language. Genco Gülan for example reacts with pacifistic performances to the current violent escalations in his home country Turkey, after an attack on a military base in the sculptures the east of the contry, where many soldiers died, he bought a lottery-ticket on which he wrote  "peace" and posted a photo of it on Twitter, not knowing what a storm he would trigger with that action. Genco Gülan: I wear a bullet - proof vest and hold colorful flowers in my hand. It's my choice, to make art in this region of the country holding flowers in my hand, I stand in for peace, even if I have to wear a bullet vest for it.


Buying art pictures is not only a matter of trust but above all a matter of the personal requirements for a work of art regarding aesthetic and qualitative aspects. All of our offered works come directly from the artists' studios. As an ambitious art lover, you have the possibility to select and buy art - prints, sculptures, and paintings comfortably and peacefully from your home.

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